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Grinchmas Who-lidays Gift Box


Introducing our Grinch Gift Box, a whimsical collection of goodies inspired by the iconic character from Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” This delightful box is filled with a variety of festive treats and accessories that are sure to bring joy and mischief to your holiday celebrations.

Inside the Grinch Gift Box, you’ll find Grinch’s Mean and Green Cupcake Mix, a delectable vanilla blend with a vibrant green color that captures the essence of the Grinch himself. To complement the cupcakes, we’ve included Green Frosting Icing Sugar for a delightful finishing touch. Sprinkle on some holiday magic with the Green Sprinkle Mix, and present your creations in style with the Green Tulip Cupcake Cases.

But that’s not all – this gift box also features Grinch-themed Cupcake Toppers, adding a playful touch to your baked treats. Indulge in the Grinch Hot Cocoa Bomb for a warm and delicious treat, complete with a festive straw. Don the Santa Hat and Festive Glasses to embrace the holiday spirit, and let your creativity shine with the Grinch Sticker Sheet.

And to add a bit of friendly competition, we’ve included the “Who’s The Grinchiest” Game, a fun-filled activity that will have everyone laughing and competing to see who can channel their inner Grinch the best.

All of these delightful items are beautifully presented in our Grinch Gift Box, making it an ideal gift for loved ones or a special treat for yourself. Embrace the whimsy and mischief of the Grinch with our Grinch Gift Box and make your holiday celebrations truly memorable.

Kit Includes:

  1. Grinch’s Mean and Green Cupcake Mix
  2. Green Frosting Icing Sugar 
  3. Green Sprinkle Mix 
  4. Green Tulip Cupcake Cases 
  5. Grinch Themed Cupcake Toppers 
  6. Grinch Hot Cocoa Bomb
  7. Festive Straw 
  8. Santa Hat
  9. Festive Glasses 
  10. Grinch Sticker Sheet
  11. Who’s The Grinchiest Game 


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