Unbox Creativity, Craft Memories!

A bit more about us

Welcome to Annie & Co, where we craft sweet memories one kit at a time! Born from a love for baking and a desire to share this joy with our family, we created baking kits to make baking at home simpler for busy moms and tots.

Our baking kits were a hit, sparking us to broaden our creative horizons. Today, our product range includes craft and entertainment kits, cake toppers for that extra charm, and party boxes to transform any gathering into a celebration.

Despite our growth, we stay true to our original vision: helping families create sweet memories. Join us on this ever-growing adventure, and discover the joy of creativity. Here, every box is an adventure, every moment a memory, and every day a celebration.

Our Products

Unbox the Fun, Unleash the Joy

Baking Kits: Our baking kits are the perfect solution for busy moms and eager tots. They include pre-measured ingredients and simple instructions, making baking a fun, hassle-free experience.

Craft Kits: Unleash your inner artist with our craft kits. Each kit is designed to provide a unique, hands-on experience that sparks creativity.

Entertainment Kits and Personalised Gifts: Our entertainment kits overflow with amusement and joy, making them ideal for family gatherings or memorable events. Additionally, our personalized gifts, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on any recipient.

Party Boxes: Add a sprinkle of excitement to any party or event with our fun-filled Party Bags, they’re sure to bring smiles to faces of all ages.