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Magical Unicorn Cupcake Kit


Introducing the Magical Unicorn Cupcake Kit! This all-in-one baking and decorating kit allows you to create 12 stunning unicorn cupcakes. It includes pre-measured dry ingredients, enchanting decorations, and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for any occasion, these cupcakes will impress with their magical charm. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the deliciousness of these whimsical treats!

Kit Includes:
360g Vanilla Cupcake Premix
340g Icing Sugar
12 Purple Cupcake Cases
12 Unicorn Cupcake Wrappers Printable (DIY cut at home)
2 x Piping Bags
12 x Unicorn Horns Cupcake Toppers
40g Rainbow Sprinkles
5ml Pink Gel Colouring
5ml Purple Gel Colouring
3g Edible Illusion Glitter

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